MegaSquirt MS3-Pro Standalone ECU w/ 8′ harness


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The ECU to rule them all. The MS3-Pro.

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The MS3-Pro combines the features of the DIY MegaSquirt-3 with all available &#39expansions&#39 built right into a single circuit board in a sealed case. The o-ringed case is splashproof and, if you want continuous immersion resistance (the MS3-Pro displayed at PRI was at the bottom of a fish tank), it&#39s easy to add a bead of silicone for extra protection.  Furthermore we&#39ve updated the power supply design to use a switching power supply to minimize energy consumption and maximize stability of operation (down to as little as 6v!).  We also included the new intelligent knock sensor capability allowing for advanced knock windowing and noise threshold configuration, integrated internal SDCard datalogging with time stamping of all datalogs, USB and RS232 Serial tuning interfaces, individual cylinder tuning for fuel AND ignition timing to allow you to compensate for differentiation in flow characteristics to different cylinders and truly maximize engine output, and more!

The MS3-Pro is ready to support a wide variety of engines out of the box, with the ability to anything with one to eight cylinders with sequential fuel injection and sequential &#39coil on plug&#39 ignition, a V12 with sequential fuel and wasted spark ignition, or a four rotor Wankel with separate leading and trailing ignition outputs. Over 50 different ignition modes are supported, from mainstream applications like the GM LS1, Bosch Motronic, and Chrysler Gen III Hemis to unusual modes like Renix Jeeps and the Suzuki Swift GTI. 

The MS3-Pro&#39s packaging is also a departure from most previous MegaSquirt EFI Systems. Instead of the industrial looking split aluminum case and D-sub connectors, the MS3-Pro uses a sealed high temperature nylon case for light weight and compact size, and heavy duty AMPSEAL connectors. This provides a compact and sealed enclosure protecting the sensitive internals from the elements. The MS3-Pro&#39s design keeps the heat generated to a minimum, allowing it to use a lighter plastic case instead of a metal heat sink.

This package includes the MS3-Pro, all tuning cables, software and manual CD, and 8&#39 wiring harnesses.

Note that the MS3-Pro uses an external MAP sensor, sold separately.


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