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MegaSquirtPNP and DIYPNP IAT Sensor Kit



MegaSquirtPNP and DIYPNP IAT Sensor Kit – Aluminum Bung

This is a simple kit to make it easier for you when removing your AFM/MAF when using a MegaSquirtPNP unit that supports this option– currently this kit has been designed for use with the MM9093, MM9495, MM9697 MSPNP and other Mazda Miata units.

It is also very useful in countless DIYPNP applications when deleting the stock AFM/MAF which in many cases will require you to install a IAT Sensor somewhere else in the inlet tubing, this kit gives you the bits you need to do that.

It includes:

Proper 3/8″ NPT Aluminum Bung and plug (weld on)
Open Element IAT Sensor, uncrimped with three pins (1 extra, just in case)
8′ of wire (enough to place your sensor within 4′ of your AFM/MAF connector)
3 male pins to fit your AFM connector (1 extra) (universal fit, they fit many AFM/MAF connectors. A weatherpack crimper works well to crimp these, or you can scrape by with pliers for an ugly ‘crimp’)
For removal of your AFM/MAF using this kit see your MSPNP Manual.


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