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The Bluetooth module add-on for the RaceCapture/Pro Data Acquisition System

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Turn your Android compatible phone or tablet into a powerful dashboard for the RaceCapture/Pro data acquisition system!

Watch Lap Times, customize gauges, monitor sensors and even chase down your best lap using the dynamic GPS track map view, all using a Bluetooth real-time link to the RaceCapture/Pro system.

Download the App from the Google Play Store and test drive it right now!

Customize a dashboard and feed real-time data from sensors connected to the RaceCapture/Pro system
Track best, current and last lap time using RaceCapture/Pro’s precision 10Hz GPS module
Chase and compare your best lap “ghosted” on the dynamic GPS track map view
Automatic track map detection with support for many race tracks- see our wiki for the current list.

The Bluetooth module is an expansion add-on for the RaceCapture/Pro Data Acquisition System, purchased separately; it does not work alone.
To use the Bluetooth module simultaneously with the Real Time Telemetry module you will need the Y-adapter module, still in development, due out by Jan 2014.


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