RaceCapture/Pro Mk2 Data Acquisition


Bring data acquisition and control with real-time telemetry capabilities to your race or street car with RaceCapture/Pro Mk2.

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Powerful data for your race car. RaceCapture/Pro Mk2 Lap Timer, Data Logger, and Telemetry System is here!

RaceCapture/Pro is a powerful, expandable and customizable lap timer, data logger and motorsports telemetry system for your race or street car.

RaceCapture/Pro is Autosport Labs’ premier data logging system designed for track day enthusiasts to professional endurance racers. Analyze your lap times, record speed, acceleration, yaw and engine data. Display predicted lap time and sensor values on an Android dash in-car. Send telemetry in real-time to race-capture.com where you can view your car’s data live on the web, enabling you to make split second decisions based on data that wins races.

Predictive lap times with the RaceCapture app
The free Race Capture app provides a fast, real-time view of your race car’s data, including predictive lap times, sensor alerts and a customizable dashboard. Try it today: Download from the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store!

-Lap times true 50 Hz GPS
-Predicted lap time (display and logged)
-3 axis accelerometer to measure G-Forces in 3D
-3 axis Gyro to measure Yaw, Pitch and Roll
-8 Analog sensor inputs – 3 RPM / Speed inputs / 3 digital inputs or outputs
-1Hz to 1000Hz logging rates
-Dual CAN Bus – connect directly to 2008+ CAN/OBD-II ports (with additional OBD-II cable)
-All in a compact, rugged enclosure

What’s in the Box
-RaceCapture/Pro 2 main system
-GPS antenna
-6′ USB Cable

Real-time telemetry option
The integrated telemetry module option adds cellular-based real-time telemetry- just add your own SIM card (as low as $3/day for T-Mobile unlimited pay-as-you-go data)

Bluetooth module
Add the bluetooth module to stream data to an android compatible phone or tablet. Also stream telemetry from your connected phone!

How do I choose the options?
If you have a dedicated race car we recommend the integrated cellular module for an ‘automatic, always streaming telemetry’ experience.
If you want to connect an android phone or tablet as a digital dashboard, also add the bluetooth module. For the occasional racer and track day enthusiast, you can stream telemetry via your dash mounted Android phone!
Note: for RaceCapture/Pro MK2, telemetry and bluetooth can be enabled simultaneously

Works with virtually any sensor
Need to log temperature, pressure, wheel speed, RPM and more? Check out our Sensor Guide to learn how to set up just about any sensor you need!

3 powerful options for analyzing data
Analyze your data in the cloud by streaming real-time data to race-capture.com
Use the included RaceCapture software to configure RaceCapture/Pro’s features and perform multi-session analysis
With it’s open file format, RaceCapture/Pro is compatible with industry-standard analysis software like the powerful and free-to-use Gems Data Analysis

In Real-Time
Stream live telemetry to the cloud in real-time with RaceCapture Live, where you can monitor your race car’s vitals from the pits or anywhere in the world on your web-connected device.

-RaceCapture Pro doesn’t only collect data; it can process it in real-time and control devices on your race car.
-Activate a fan or intercooler spray based on temperature, control a wing for active aerodyamics, and enable smart warning lights- you’re imagination is the limit!
-Send CAN bus messages to other systems for additional flexibility
-Powered by simple to program on-board Lua Scripting

Real Time Telemetry Option
RaceCapture/Pro’s cellular telemetry module add-on allows you to see live telemetry of your race car’s performance and stats via a pre-paid T-Mobile or AT&T SIM card (purchased separately). Data streams directly to the cloud to race-capture.com and is viewable from anywhere, whether the pits, to friends at home, or fans far away.

Race Capture telemetry benefits and features
-Make more strategic decisions based on live data from your car
-View vital stats from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
-Allow your drivers to do what they do best while you monitor your vehicle’s performance
-Plan your racing and pit strategy based on real data
-Share lap times and GPS location with your team’s fans
-Track and record lap times
-Replay and analyze previous events

Additional information

Bluetooth Module

No Bluetooth, Include Bluetooth Module

Integrated telemetry module

No telemetry, Include integrated telemetry


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