Radiator Mounting Instructions

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Radiator Mounting

Installation of an NA-based radiator using the included mounts

The Exocet Radiator Mounts are optimized for NA-style and aftermarket radiators.

Install Exocet Radiator Mounts as shown in the diagrams below.
Test fit to find the best location and use a center punch or marker to mark the location of each mounting hole.
Drill out the holes for the included 3/16” Rivets.
Use the included rivets to secure the mounts to the Exocet chassis.
Drill hole on lower radiator mount arm in optimal location to mount the radiator.
Install rubber grommet in top bolt Top radiator mount as shown in Figure D.
If needed, use washers to space out the mount from the radiator to most optimal location.

Figure A – Lower Radiator Mounts from the side



Figure B – Lower radiator mounts from below.



Figure C – Upper and lower radiator mounts from behind.



Figure D – Upper Radiator mount from behind



Alternative Approach: Installation of an NB-based radiator using custom mounts

Use of an NB-style (99-05) Radiator is possible, but custom mounts will need to be made. Here is an example of how builder Josh fabricated upper and lower brackets to mount his existing NB radiator.

Upper mounts:

Lower mounts: