About Exomotive

Proudly based in Atlanta, GA.

We are Exomotive

Who we are and what we do.

Exomotive serves US market with exciting exoskeletal kit cars, but that doesn’t tell you much about the spirit of our company. We come together every day in a passionate pursuit of offering the most satisfying motoring and build experience at refreshingly low prices. We think everyone should have the opportunity to build their own car and we want to help you succeed.

Around the Facility

 Exomotive manufactures the Exocet at our Atlanta-based facility. Contact us today to discuss your next ultimate build project or schedule a tour.

Building Memories

Building a car from scratch is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you will have in your garage.


Exomotive was founded in July 2011 and has been building the Mazda Miata-based Exocet ever since.


Exomotive is dedicated to the continual evolution and improvement of our component vehicles and products.


We love our jobs and are completely devoted to brining you a fantastic kit and build experience.

Kevin Patrick


Kevin Patrick, founder of Exomotive, has had a passionate interest in sports cars all his life. A life-long entrepreneur and adrenaline junky, his love for the thrill of speed has led him to hobbies like autocrossing, track days, competitive skydiving, canopy piloting, skydiving instruction, and motorcycling. Always wanting to combine the best of all of those worlds, he developed a special interest in exoskeletal cars that gave the thrill of open-air, topless motoring in a minimalist, lightweight package.

Kevin began to take an interest in the MEV line of kit cars while planning a custom Exocar chassis. After the initial release of the Exocet in 2010, he decided to purchase a kit and build one himself. Seeing the interest levels in the US rising, Kevin visited Stuart Mills at MEV headquarters in July 2011 and reached an agreement for Exomotive to become the exclusive US provider of the Exocet. In 2012, Warren van Nus came on board as our head engineer to help streamline production of our fiberglass body panels and chassis. Throughout 2012, Exomotive continued to work with MEV to refine the Exocet design for the US market before moving the final chassis production stateside in 2013.