The Easy-to-Build Kit Car from Exomotive

Use any 1990-2005 Miata to create the ultra fun MEVSTER

The Mevster has gone out of production as of December 2014

The MEVSTER from Exomotive

MEVSTER takes our successful Exocet formula to the next level by offering a rear stow area and a removable roof that clips on to the windscreen. Just like the Exocet, the MEVSTER is based on the ubiquitous NA or NB Mazda Miata from 1990-2005 and benefits from excellent handling and reliability. The Miata running gear is retained in standard form making this a low cost and relatively easy transformation from the ~2200 pound Mazda to the 1475 pound MEVSTER. In addition to the engine, suspension, steering, drive shafts and wiring being retained we also make use of minor items to further simplify the build such as the throttle cable and handbrake components. The MEVSTER build progression is very similar to the Exocet. The Miata body is unbolted from the subframes and lifted off using an engine hoist. This leaves the engine, transmission, drive shaft, differential, suspension and steering still assembled and ready to bolt to the new lightweight MEVSTER frame. With hundreds of Exocets already supplied, builders can be confident that this build progression is one of the easiest of all kits on the market today. By slashing 30% of the weight of a normal Miata, the MEVSTER enjoys massively improved acceleration, braking and handling that you will immediately notice the first time you take it for a drive. If you are planning to use the car only on nice days, you can keep it simple and topless. Or choose to fit the optional top, then add a heater with windshield wipers to create a totally practical vehicle that you can use all year round.

MEVSTER Specifications

Length: 132 inches
Width: 68.4 inches
Height: 47 inches
Wheelbase: 89.2 inches
Weight: ~1475 pounds (varies depending on options)
Power: 130-350hp

MEVSTER Base Kit – $6,999

  • Fully Bracketed Chassis & Roll Bar ready to bolt on to the Miata powertrain
  • Alloy Floor Panel
  • Alloy Transmission Tunnel
  • Front & Rear Bulkheads
  • Grille Mesh
  • Four Fender Mounts
  • Nut & Bolt Pack
  • 3/16″ Cunifer Alloy Brake Pipe and Metric Flare Nuts
  • Edge Trim
  • P-Clips
  • Self Tapping Screws
  • Rivets
  • Front End Clamshell Hinges
  • GRP Front End, Sides, Rear End, Dash, Windscreen Frame and Wings (Standard colors: white, black, red, orange, blue, green, & yellow)
  • Laminated Glass Windshield
  • Assembly Guide

Optional Extras

  • Chassis Powder coating – $600
  • Fiberglass Seats – $350
  • Optional Roof/Rear Panels – $750
  • Lighting Kit – $575

Current lead time is approximately 12 weeks. Built to order by MEV in Mansfield. Shipping, insurance, import duties and fees can range from $600-$2000 depending on your location. We make every effort to minimize these costs.