4 wheels, 2 seats, 1 purpose: Pure Adrenaline

The Hayabusa-powered MEVABUSA is available now

Exomotive no longer distributes the Mevabusa or other RTR kits as of January 2013


Since the day we presented our first MEV vehicle at a kit car show, we have received continual requests for an exocar that uses the almighty Suzuki Hayabusa powerplant. The 1300cc ‘Busa exploded onto the streets in 1999 and was famous for cracking a horizon warping 200mph, which due to an exceptionally aerodynamic shape, provided enough ram air to feed the monster 1300cc in-line four to produce a headline grabbing 185hp. It was nearly banned, but thankfully saved by a gentleman’s agreement amongst manufacturers to restrict bikes to a mere 186mph. Once a few ‘Busas had bitten the dust, the engines were quickly transplanted into a plethora of kit cars and specials. It soon became obvious that the Hayabusa motor was very versatile and well suited for powering lightweight sports cars.

Designer Stuart Mills created the MEVABUSA by combining everything learned from his experience producing two successful bike-engined vehicles, the highly focused single seat MEV Atomic and two-seat reverse tR1ke. Through intense design, testing and customer feedback, the MEVABUSA is set to be the ultimate lightweight, 4-wheel exoskeletal chassis. The new exocar debuted at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in May 2012 to much excitement. This four-wheeled monster of a machine is powered by the legendary GSX1300R engine and at only 840 pounds is ballistically fast with a power-to-weight ration superior to most supercars. All the fun of a supercar at a fraction of the price.

Supercars too slow and you’d rather go after hypercars? Consider forced induction options available in the Suzuki aftermarket to increase the power output of the Hayabusa motor. With the Quaife limited slip chain differential helping you get that power to the ground, there will be few cars in the world that can match it’s performance.

Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R Donor Components

Builders of the MEVABUSA have the choice of purchasing new parts or using a complete donor car to obtain the majority of parts not included in the kit. A 1999-2007 Suzuki Hayabusa is the preferred donor vehicle and can be found all over the US. Furthermore, most builders tend to make money back off their donor bikes by selling the unused parts if they are in good condition. The following components can be provided by the Suzuki GSX1300R donor bike:

  • Engine & Transmission
  • Wiring harness
  • ECU
  • Gauges
  • Ignition
  • Switches
  • Miscellaneous nuts, bolts, and clips

    MEVABUSA Specifications

    Length: 10.78 feet
    Width: 5.49 feet
    Wheelbase: 7.39 feet
    Weight: ~840 pounds (depending on options)
    Power: 180+hp

    MEVABUSA Base Kit – $9,750

    • Fully welded tubular space frame chassis ready to accept 1999-2007 Suzuki Hayabusa components
    • Protech fully adjustable shock absorbers with coil over springs
    • Front and rear wishbones complete with bushings, crush tubes & ball joints
    • Rear uprights complete with hubs (4×108), bearings and brakes
    • Alloy front uprights and hubs with radial brake caliper mount to accept Wilwood radial caliper
    • Aluminum rear bulkhead, center console and floor
    • GRP set: Nose/Hood and 4 fenders with mounting brackets
    • Front grill
    • Aluminum radiator pipes
    • Twin fuel tanks w/locking cap (5 gallons combined)
    • Steering column
    • Steering rack complete with rod ends.
    • Brake, clutch and accelerator pedals
    • Brake master cylinders and balance bar

    Optional Extras

    • Two standard GRP seats – $360
    • Two sport GRP seats – $360
    • Stainless Steel Exhaust System with catalytic converter- $695
    • Stainless Steel exhaust header – $695
    • Full lighting set – $390
    • Full lighting set with Photon lights – $575
    • Double hoop standard roll bar and bracing – $300
    • MSA approved Roll bar and Bracing to meet racing requirements – $385
    • Media Blasting & Powder Coating of components – $650-850
    • Quick rack steering rack upgrade – $185
    • Front Aero fenders – $75/pr with kit or $150/pr aftermarket
    • Front Aeromax fenders – $150/pr with kit or $200/pr aftermarket
    • Infinitely variable camber adjusters on top and lower rear wishbones – $365
    • Fully adjustable nose aero wings (for increased downforce) – $365
    • Rear wing with mounting brackets – $575
    • Chain drive differential with or without LSD – $call for price
    • Custom-built drive shafts – $call for price
    • Wilwood brake kit – $call for price

    MEVABUSA Kit-In-A-Box – $19,250

    We are pleased to announce that we can provide all the parts needed to assemble a kit with the exception of the parts are required from the donor bike. A truly comprehensive option that includes the following:

    • Standard MEVABUSA Kit as listed above with powder coated chassis
    • Quaife Limited Slip chain drive differential
    • Custom drive shafts
    • Electric reverse
    • Light weight aluminum wheels with high performance tires
    • Light weight seats and adjustable runners
    • Complete Wilwood Powerlite front brake package with pads
    • Stainless steel brake lines
    • Lighting Kit
    • 4 or 5-point seat belt harnesses
    • Fully adjustable front canard wings and rear spoiler
    • Stainless steel exhaust system with catalytic converter (if specified)
    • Silicone coolant hoses, fuel hoses, brake lines and fittings
    • Complete package of nuts and bolts, washers, rivets, clips, extra wiring and other items needed to complete the kit

    Current lead time is approximately 12+ weeks. Built to order by RTR in Nottingham. Additional Shipping, insurance, import duties and fees can range from $800-$2000 depending on your location. We make every effort to minimize these costs.

    *Exomotive no longer distributes the MEVABUSA or other RTR kits as of January 2013*