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Exomotive no longer distributes the MEV Rocket or other RTR kits as of January 2013

MEV Rocket

Experience the fun of an Ariel Atom at a fraction of the cost. The Rocket was the first generation of the MEV exosketetal cars and has been delivered to customers on multiple continents. Modern, Ford Focus-based components, mid-engined and a wide range of power plants make this vehicle an excellent choice for both your local road and track. The Rocket is a consummate performer with attractive exoskeletal styling for a driving experience unlike any other.

The Rocket’s chassis is a fully triangulated steel space frame and has been designed to provide a strong, stiff structure displaying a torsional strength of more than 2500 Nm per degree. For the roll bar customers can choose from our classic double hoop style or go for the MSA-spec option made of 48.3mm seamless tubing. We also offer the Rocket without the roll bar for customers wanting to design and fabricate their own.

For power, you’ve got plenty of options. 2.0L Zetec engines can be found in high numbers at low prices. Even with 130hp on the stock engine, your power-to-weight ratio will still be better than a Porsche Boxster and a Lotus Elise. Want more power? Add a Ford Motorsports head and cams and you can go to 200hp+. At this level you can expect 0-60 times of 3.8 seconds and a top speed in excess of 140mph. Or perhaps you can find an SVT Focus donor car with 170hp and a six-speed manual transmission. Or go forced induction.

Ford Focus Donor Components

Builders of the MEV Rocket have the choice of purchasing new parts or using a complete donor car to obtain the majority of parts not included in the kit. A 2000-2007 Ford Focus is the preferred donor vehicle and can be found all over the US at low prices. Furthermore, most builders tend to make money back off their donor cars by selling the unused parts. The following components can be provided by the Ford Focus donor car:

  • 2.0 liter DOHC Zetec engine and 5 speed manual transmission
  • Drive shafts and front hubs
  • Radiator and electric fan
  • Engine mounts
  • Fuel pump and gauge sender
  • License plate lights
  • Header tank
  • Brake fluid reservoir
  • Flexi brake hoses
  • OBD2 diagnostic port
  • Steering column, wheel, switch gear and ignition switch and lock
  • ECU complete with engine bay wiring looms and sensors
  • Rear calipers and discs (subject to Focus model)
  • Hand brake and cables
  • Shifter and cables
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Seatbelts
  • Wheels and tires
  • Miscellaneous nuts, bolts, and clips

    MEV Rocket Specifications

    Length: 10.25 feet
    Width: 5.66 feet
    Height: 3.69 feet
    Wheelbase: 7.96 feet
    Weight: ~1100 pounds (varies depending on options)
    Power: 130-350hp

    Rocket Base Kit – $7,810

    • Exoskeletal tubular space frame ready to accept 2.0L Ford Zetec & Transmission
    • Pro Tech adjustable shock absorbers with coil over springs
    • Front and Rear Suspension Arms with Polyurethane Bushings
    • Front Uprights ready for donor brakes and hub
    • Rear Uprights ready for donor drive shafts, hubs, bearings and brakes
    • Alloy front and rear bulkheads, nose side panels, center console and floor
    • GRP Set: Hood, Engine Cover, Front & Rear Fenders, Accessory Tray
    • Smoked polycarbonate wind deflector
    • Three piece front grill set
    • Aluminum coolant pipes
    • 5 gallon fuel tank with locking cap
    • Steering Rack
    • Assembly Guide

    Optional Extras

    • Left Hand Steering – $160
    • Two standard GRP seats – $370
    • Two sport GRP seats – $394
    • Stainless Steel Exhaust System – $578
    • Stainless Steel exhaust manifold and catalytic converter – $662
    • Wiring loom, fuses, relays, switches & DOT approved lighting set – $790
    • Double hoop standard roll bar and bracing – $315
    • Roll bar and Bracing to meet racing requirements – $605
    • Powder Coating of chassis and suspension components – $525
    • Wilwood pedal assembly with balance bar and 3 cylinders – $290
    • Rally Design front uprights with hubs, bearing and brake mount – $625
    • Hi-Spec 4 piston brake calipers for Front – $445
    • Hi-Spec 2 piston handbrake calipers for Rear – $580
    • Drilled and slotted brake discs – $210
    • Quick ratio steering rack kit – $185
    • Front Aero fenders – $80/pr with kit or $160/pr aftermarket
    • Front Aeromax wings – $150/pr with kit or $210/pr aftermarket
    • Front grill bars welded on chassis during fabrication – $70
    • Infinitely variable camber adjusters on top and lower rear wishbones – $385
    • Gas tank cover and storage compartment (GRP black) – $185
    • Fully adjustable nose aero wings (for increased down force) – $385
    • Fully adjustable nose aero wings half carbon fiber – $580
    • Rear wing with mounting brackets – $605
    • Zetec Supercharger Kit, OMEX ECU and wiring harness – $Coming Soon

    Current lead time is approximately 8-12 weeks. Built to order by RTR in Nottingham. Shipping, insurance, import duties and fees can range from $600-$2000 depending on your location. We will make every effort to minimize these costs.

    *Exomotive no longer distributes the MEV Rocket or other RTR kits as of January 2013*

    Take a hot lap on the Curborough Circuit in a MEV Rocket

      The Rocket is a dynamic tour de force. It’s turned out to be quite exceptional. Handling wise the Rocket is a delight. The steering has the car scything into the turns with utterly confidence inspiring grip.

      Ian Hyne

      Kit Car Magazine

      0-60 in under 4 seconds… done an indicated 143 mph and still has some more.

      Cobra-level track performance for less than the cost of a new Miata, and less than half the ticket on a new Atom.

      Kit Car Builder Magazine

      I loved my time with the Rocket. It’s been a long time since a kit car has left me with such a strong craving for another drive.

      Adam Wilkins

      Complete Kit Car Magazine

      The steering was quick and direction change immediate. In fact, it was probably the fastest car to change direction I’ve driven since a Lancia Stratos.

      Stacy Vickers

      Track Driver

      Blistering performance… superb value.

      Complete Kit Car Magazine