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Learn from the Experience of other builders

Watching customer-supplied videos of people building the Exomotive Exocet can be a valuable source of information and inspiration for anyone interested in building an Exocet.

First-hand experience: Customer-supplied videos showcase real people building the Exocet, which provides a first-hand experience of the process. By watching these videos, you can gain insights into the challenges and successes of building an Exocet, which can help you prepare for your own build.

Tips and tricks: Customer-supplied videos often include tips and tricks that can help you build your Exocet more efficiently or effectively. These tips may include shortcuts, alternative methods, or creative solutions to common challenges.

Community support: Watching customer-supplied videos can help you feel more connected to the Exocet community. You can learn from other builders’ experiences and connect with people who share your passion for the Exocet.

Inspiration: Watching customer-supplied videos can be inspiring and motivating. Seeing other people’s builds can help you visualize what your own Exocet might look like and give you ideas for customization or personalization.

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Donor Disassembly

Mazda Miata Donor-related Videos

Follow along with Taylor aka Summer del Sol as she disassembles her 1990 NA Mazda Miata for her Exocet over five informative videos.

Watch Brent from BuildingTheEXOCET go through the donor acquisition and disassembly process over eight informative videos.

Exocet Video Series


Join Jim & Meghan as they build their Exomotive Exocet Sport in Crossthreaded Season 1 with ten videos detailing their build progression.

Pixel Armory

Join Pixel Armory as they build their Exomotive Exocet with 12 videos in their first season.

Summer del Sol

Join Taylor as she builds her Exomotive Exocet Sport with over 25 videos of content. 


Brent from BuildingTheEXOCET has created over fifty build videos detailing the preparation and assembly of his Exocet.