Seat and Safety Harness Installation

Build Guide

Installing Seats & Harnesses

General guidelines on installing seats and safety belts in the Exocet


*NOTE: Please follow directions included with your seat for proper installation.*

Installation steps may differ depending on the type of seat you plan to use in your Exocet. The Exocet seat mount tubes were originally designed with the Miata donor seats and sliders in mind. You can reuse your Miata seats by straightening the slight bend on the front slider mount. Drill a hole through the Exocet floor seat tube in the desired location and use a 1/2″ or M12 bolt to mount the slider to the chassis tube. Take care when tightening to not to crush the tube.

Aftermarket seat installation varies depending on:

  • Bottom mount vs side mount
  • Miata sliders vs aftermarket sliders vs no sliders


*NOTE: Please follow directions included with your safety harness for proper installation.*

We recommend wrapping the shoulder harnesses around the harness bar on the Exocet Sport and Exocet Race chassis.

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