Mirrors & Lighting

Build Guide


Installation of side and rear view mirrors

Popular Mirror Options

Tube clamp mount-based options
Example: Longacre Side Mirrors or Seizmik Pursuit

Attach the tube clamp mount to the desired location on the Exocet chassis. Adjust location as needed for optimal viewing.

Motorcycle-style post-mount options
Example: Sportbike Mirrors

Drill out the pie-shaped piece of steel on the side of the Exocet chassis to the appropriate size of the your mirror mounting stud. Attach with washer and bolt. Adjust to desired angle.

GT-style Formula Mirror Options
Example: APR GT3 Mirrors

Attach the Formula GT3 mirror bases to the outer upper Exocet chassis tube using two M5 rivnuts and suitable M5 button head bolts. To protect your powder coating, we recommend adding a small piece of rubber gasket material between the base and the tube.

Front Lighting

Headlights and front turn signals

The Exocet allows for flexible mounting options for headlights and turn signals. For those using our DOT/SAE LED Headlights or other popular post-mount options like the Dominator, we recommend mounting using a 1″ Tube Clamp Mount or 1.75″ Tube Clamp Mount depending on desired location.

Motorcycle-based turn signals can be used and mounted to the bodywork or to the tube clamp mounts depending on your desired look.

    Rear Lighting

    Stop/Turn/Tail, Back-up, and License Plate Lights

    Most builders tend to use an all-in-one stop/turn/tail light mounted to the rear tank cover of their Exocet. We offer a DOT legal Stop/Turn/Tail light option that is domed and typically more attractive compared to most truck or trailer-based options.

    To ensure proper an even placement, use this tail light template as a guide by printing it out on your printer at 100% size. Mark the light center and drill out with a hole saw to fit your desired light.

    Since the Miata’s rear lighting wiring uses dual-filament bulbs, most builders running stop/turn/tail lights will require a small 3-to-2 wire tail light converter like the Curt 58240 that can be purchased for less than $10.

    Reverse lights and license plate lights can be added as needed and many LED options are available at low cost. We like to use these integrated license plate bolts with built-in LEDs.