Exocet Shock Spacers Installation Instructions

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Shock Spacer Installation

Installation of the Domex 700MC Shock Spacers

*Note: Spacer mounts are designed for the NB top hats and most aftermarket coilover top hats. NA top hats will not fit as is and will require grinding and/or modifications to fit correctly. The NB style top hat mounts already give additional travel, especially in the rear, so we have made the assumption that if you are installing these for additional suspension travel that you have already moved to an NB style top hat.

Attach the top hat spacers to the frame with the included M8 bolts, washers, and nuts.


Front: The top of the spacer has two holes. The bottom has three holes. The double holes should point back and out; if they don’t, you’ve mixed up the right and left sides.   The two holes on the bottom are a choice. You can run the outside one for even more shock clearance on the upper a-arm, or you can run the inner one for more vertical clearance with very tall tophats (AFCOs, etc). The outer hole puts you at the OEM Miata position. *Be sure to check tire clearance on the aftermarket tophat. Due to the geometry involved (big tube blocking tall top hats), the angle of the top hat is skewed outwards, and some aftermarket top hats may jut out a bit.


Rear: There is no right/left version. Just install it so the slot on the bottom is facing out.