Exocet Wiring Instructions

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Exocet Wiring

Adding the Miata harness to the Exocet chassis

There are a wide variety of ways to wire your Exocet. We will focus on the use of the stock Miata wiring harness. Builders using aftermarket engine management or alternative engine swaps should follow instructions included by their respective manufacturers.

Starting with the complete wiring harness that you removed from your Miata donor, we recommend laying out the harness on the garage floor in the same orientation it came out of the donor car. There are a variety of plastic channels and mounting points that are taped on to the wiring loom that were used to attach the harness to the Miata chassis. It is typically recommended to remove these to minimize the overall volume of the wiring harness. Using our optional Exocet Wiring Tray, the entire stock loom along with ECU can be hidden in the Wiring Tray.

Lay the harness over the top of your Exocet and begin to plug in connectors to their respective components. Secure as needed using zip ties, P-clips, or other suitable mounting options.

At the front bulkhead, you will have two sections at the left and right of the car that the wiring harness will move into the engine bay. You can run these wires above the 1″ square front bulkhead tube, or cut a hole(s) in the bulkhead if you prefer to run them through the aluminum panels.

On the rear wiring harness run that contains fuel pump wiring and rear lighting you will run the line on the inside of the driver’s side compartment. Plastic split-loom or braided sleeving can be used to clean up the wiring run and secured with P-clips.

The rear battery cables can remain in their stock location on the PPF. The stock battery can be reused and installed behind the passenger seat, or replacement lightweight aftermarket options can be used. Depending on intended use, a water resistant marine battery box may be used.