Autosport International 2012

This year’s Autosport International show is more exciting than ever for the MEV brand as we go into 2012 with MEV vehicles being developed on several continents and with a variety of powerplants.

On display at RTR’s booth is truly one of the most incredible incarnations of the the MEV Rocket that has ever been produced. Mabbs’ Supercharged Rocket M600C features an awe inspiring 600bhp/ton power to weight ratio.

Autosport International 2012 - The M600c MEV Rocket

Autosport International 2012 - The M600c MEV Rocket

In addition, the fabulous MEV Sonic 7 and MEV tR1ke demo vehicles will be on display in the RTR booth, manned throughout the weekend by Paul Holmes and Leighton Norris. Be sure to come see us this weekend in Hall 19 on stand number 19030. Simply turn to the right as you enter through the Hall 19 entrance and you can’t miss us.

Autosport International 2012 - The MEV Sonic7