Exomotive teams up with Flyin Miata

Exomotive teams up with Flyin’ Miata! We will be providing FM a new 2013 Exocet Sport to be used as a base for further development of performance parts for our Exocet platform. We will also be installing a complete, top-of-the-line FMII turbo kit on our 2013 demonstrator.

“Both companies are pretty excited about this,” Flyin’ Miata owner, Bill Cardell, said. “Exomotive will have a fast, reliable car to show off. Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to pushing the performance envelope of this quick little car, and Exomotive has done a great job of the latest chassis design. There’s a lot of potential.”

FM is also planning to become an Exocet dealer so they can supply kits, parts and even turn-key cars for their established customer base. More good news for exocar enthusiasts in the US!