Three of the MX150R Exocet race cars turned out for the DTM Nippon Challenge this weekend at Brands Hatch. Drivers Jonathan Blake, Alec Liversley and Michael Pearson enjoyed receiving a large amount of attention on this very televised race weekend aired on Motors TV. The Saturday heats were successful with the Exocets coming in third and fourth place. On Sunday, heavy rain made for wet conditions but the downpour had cleared by the time of the start of what became a very exciting race. Brilliant driving by Jonathan and Alec resulted in second and third placings for them in the 2011 Nippon Challenge. Michael managed a very respectable thirteenth place after a spin knocked him out of seventh. Big thanks to the mechanics who looked after the Exocets too.

An amazing showing when you consider the grid included significantly higher powered Subaru Imprezas and Toyota Celicas. A great showing for the new MX150R MEV Exocets in their first season.