RTR displays the MEV Rocket, MEV Sonic 7 and MEV tR1ke at the Top Gear Live Excel London Show

RTR was out in force again over the weekend with the Rocket, Sonic 7 and tR1ke at the Top Gear Live Show at Excel London. Paul from RTR reports that they had a successful show with the MEV cars surrounded by good company. Behind the stand was a KTM X-Bow, Ferrari 355 Spyder, and Lamborghini Gallardo. To the side at Clive Sutton’s stand featured a pearl-colored Bugatti Veyron with a £1,300,000 price tag alongside a brand new McLaren MP4 12-C. Great company indeed! The Excel London TGL show along with the NEC Birmingham show have been two excellent showings for the MEV cars in 2011 and we look forward to 2012.

For a collection of photos from the exhibition floor at Top Gear Live, enjoy the video below. Jump to 1:01 to see the Rocket, tR1ke and Sonic 7 at the RTR booth: