The Apex Auto Works team is looking for a navigator to lead them through the 2017 Chihuahua Express! It is a grueling, extremely competitive, event that runs over multiple days as you rip through the streets of Mexico. If you have what they’re looking for, and you’re ready for a serious adventure, reach out to them!

“We are now LOOKING for a navigator!
So as Chihuahua Express QUICKLY approaches our team has had a hiccup!!!!!
(Sayer is fine and will be going with, just won’t be able to navigate.)
Requirements you must consider before you even PM me that you want to do it.
1. It is racing, not a party.
2. This car is open and not slow.
3. The route it is around mountain roads, with lots of elevation changes.
4. Motion sickness, it’s a reality. If you have it at all you are out.
5. You are doing many things as a navigator.
A. Navigation, reading during speed and transit stages while keeping track of time and distance.
B. Operation of TerraTrip, Stop Watch, and Time card.
C. Calculate fuel consumption/ time/ distance….on the fly
D. Contributing member of the team, from wrenching, washing, to pushing a car up hill in the rain!!!
6. Mechanical aptitude.
(Miata/LS based car)
7. Your size….6′ max, 16 1/2″ seat (day two is 11+ hours in the car!)
8. Leave April 25th returning May 1st late.
9. Must have a passport, it is Mexico (not a border town)
10. Quitting is not an option!
This is a life experience!
It may not be on your bucket list currently, but once you do it, it will be!

We will be conducting interviews over the next 2 weeks.”