Exocet LFX Clutch Kit


Everything you need for your LFX-powered Exocet clutch.

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Pairing the proper master cylinder to your LFX’s MV5 or MV7 transmission and a well-bled system is key for a great shifting transmission in your LFX-powered Exocet. The Exocet LFX Clutch Kit uses the correct bore and stroke Wildwood combination master cylinder matched to the correct displacement-to-pedal ratio of the OEM GM slave cylinder to achieve this.

Exocet LFX Clutch Kit includes:

  • Wilwood combination master cylinder with choice of reservoir location and optimal pedal adjustment
  • DOT-approved braided stainless steel supply line with banjo and quick disconnect
  • Custom adapter for Wilwood master cylinder to Exocet
  • High quality, heavy duty clevis to work with factory Miata donor pedal.


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