Exocet Off-Road Rallycross Suspension


Maximize wheel travel of your Exocet Off-Road's Miata-based suspension!

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The newest offering from Paco Motorsports for the Exocet Off-Road platform allows you to maximize the suspension travel when retaining Miata-based suspension. The Exocet Off-Road Rallycross Suspension package is an excellent step up over the basic 3″ lift kit without moving to the full long-travel Exocet Off-Road Ultimate Suspension package. The Rallycross setup fits squarely in the middle, and is even better than we expected, in terms of versatility on and off road. Through prototyping and testing, the kit has seen many different iterations of shock design, shock mounting, spring rates, valving, etc. Specific design intent for this coilover and mounting package followed these three main goals:

1. Max wheel travel allowed by the factory suspension — This means identifying and staying within the safe operating range of motion of the suspension’s upper and lower ball joints, tie rod ends, shock clearance to control arms, rear CV axle maximum angle of operation, etc.

2. Relatively low, progressive wheel rates — This is somewhat contradictory to more traditional street/track coilover packages, which use stiff spring rates to control body roll and aid in quick transitioning of weight transfer. The lower spring rates of the Rallycross setup allow the suspension to move through more of its range, soaking up rough terrain and promoting stability and comfort offroad.

3. Adjustability — Each Exocet Off-Road builder has their own ideas and plans of how they want to take their car off the pavement. Regardless of your intended use, the Rallycross coilovers were designed to give you options and adjustability. The ride height can be adjusted easily with the threaded spring mounts and the rebound damping is 4-way adjustable.

Technical Details:

  • Approximate ride height range: +1″ to +4″ over stock
  • ~8.5″ total wheel travel all around
  • Heavy duty, KONI 4-way rebound adjustable monotube shocks with threaded spring perches and heavy duty bump stops
  • Inverted rear shock design allows the high range of travel we achieve, which is traditionally a big limitation in rear shock setups on Miata-based suspension.

Setup Notes:

At higher ride heights, front camber adjustments will be limited to around zero camber to +1 degree camber. Our extended front lower balljoints add up to 3 degrees of negative camber to allow more ideal alignment. Similarly in the rear, care needs to be taken when using high ride heights and too much negative camber because of the extreme angle of the CV joint at full droop. Factory CV joints have been known to break with extreme use. Stronger axles with beefier CVs and more range of motion are available. We recommend Paco Moto Upper Rear control arms on lifted Exocet Off-Roads for proper camber setup and max CV axle angle limits. If retaining a rear swaybar, extended links will be required to allow full wheel travel.


View installation instructions here.


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