DIY Alignment Hub Stands


Never pay for an alignment again and set up your suspension like a pro!

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These stands are the key to a DIY professional alignment.

Several years ago Paco Motorsports ventured to create a product that worked like some of the very expensive variants out there used in formula car setup, except designed for passenger cars so you could do your own accurate alignment in your own garage, without setting up strings and struggling with unrepeatable result. Fast forward through a few revisions and here we are with the latest version of our favorite shop tool!

The latest version 5.0 is a COMPLETE redesign from the ground up with many improved features. Each stand features four “Roller Ball” wheels on the bottom and allow the suspension to change camber via pivot. This means the suspension has complete freedom of movement, so there’s no side load on your wheels as you set up the car. This means more consistent and accurate measurements, and no more bouncing / rolling the car each time you make an adjustment. The toe bar allows you to check toe easily and accurately with a couple of tape measures. By measuring camber off the hub plate, you can easily set both caster and camber. Setting thrust angle is made super quick and easy by doing a quick visual of our uniquely designed stainless steel tensioned wires on both sides of the car. No more complex measurements and math to contend with!

Made of steel and powder coated. Cut with a giant computer-controlled industrial laser to very close tolerances.

While you can push your car around the shop when it’s mounted on the stands, we don’t recommend it. They are not intended as a substitute for wheel dollies.

Each stand is rated for 1000 lbs. Works with all 4 and 5 lug hubs with 12mm AND 14mm thread lugs from 4×95.25mm thru 4×114.3mm, and 5x100mm thru 5x130mm. Max hub center diameter of 72.5mm.

You can use a smartphone app to check the camber, or purchase a dedicated magnetic digital angle gauge. Simple as can be!

Sold as a complete set of four.

View instructions here.

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Weight 93 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 17 × 5 in


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